3 At Home Work-Outs

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to create a home gym if your gym is closed. We might think it’s too late to get back into shape by the time we’re retired or pointless to carve out time for physical activity, but this isn’t true. Incorporating more physical activity into your day could [...]

2021-01-22T17:18:05+00:00January 22nd, 2021|Health & Wellness, Lifestyle|

Create Your Own Blue Zone in 2021

Did you know that there are places in the world where there is an unusually high number of people living into their 90’s and even 100’s? These populations are known for maintaining good health well into old age and are called “blue zones.” It’s not that they have special technologies, or the best doctors, or [...]

2021-01-15T18:03:49+00:00January 15th, 2021|Health & Wellness, Lifestyle|
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