Performance Chart 2

A history of a real-life Index Annuity account from 9/30/98 to 9/30/13

* This graph is based on actual credited rates for the period shown on the index annuity product which is no longer available for sale. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Please call your Ty J. Young, Inc Advisor for new product information. **Check our disclosure for additional information.

The history of the above Indexed Annuity demonstrates the powerful benefits of Indexed Annuities with the annual reset interest crediting design. There are current products with reset design as well. This account did exactly what it was supposed to do ... give the Contract Owner the opportunity to accumulate value based on the appreciation of the S&P 500® Index, without the risk of loss of Principal in years when the S&P 500® was negative. All of this supported by a minimum guarantee.

This is not an illustration. This is a depiction of an actual policyholder.

These results should not be an indication that Indexed Annuities will outperform the S&P 500®. This simply demonstrates the powerful benefits of Indexed Annuities with the annual reset interest crediting design.

Basic benefits of Indexed Annuities:

1. Preservation of Principal
2. Reasonable Rates of Return
3. Tax-Deferral
4. Minimum Guarantees
5. Guaranteed Lifetime Income
6. Possible Probate Avoidance

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