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Blue Line

The amount of preparation, planning, and care we strive to provide for each client is at the foundation of every action we take. We do this so you feel confident in the financial future we have helped blueprint for you. However, not everyone in your life has a financial professional in their corner to help make important decisions regarding their future. Our commitment to you and our community is to support whomever and wherever the help is needed. That is why we created “The Core Club.”

This program is our way of creating an easy environment for our clients to introduce their family and friends to our firm. It also allows us to properly show our appreciation to the clients that help their friends realize their own retirement journeys. Simply introduce someone to our firm and you will be invited to the next special “Core Club” event. These events will be special and possibly once in a lifetime opportunity that is exclusive only to our Rob the IRA Guy Core Club Members.

Should you have someone in mind, consider introducing them in one of the following ways:

Over the years many of our best clients, like yourself, have referred folks to us and this is our way to say thank you. We’re very excited to launch this program and hope we can officially call you A Core Club Member soon. Should you have any questions regarding the program please give us a call or email us!


Your referral of your friends and/or family is one of the greatest compliments we can receive. Once a year, we’ll be rewarding our Core Club Members with a fun and unique event held specifically for you! We appreciate you for being an advocate of ours and thank you dearly for introducing us to people you believe we can help serve now and in the future.

If you know of someone who’s preparing for retirement, already retired, or who may have recently experienced a big life event impacting their financial situation, then fill out the form to get started. You’ll receive your individual referral link to share with those friends and family members who you feel will benefit from having a conversation with us.

Once the person or couple you refer us to attends their complimentary, no obligation initial appointment, you become a member.