Guaranteed Income Planning

Your Personalized Retirement Plan

Are you ready to transition smoothly from accumulating wealth to living off it in retirement? At Rob the IRA Guy, we understand the challenges retirees face when it comes to managing their nest egg. Our experienced team can help you navigate this transition with a complimentary financial review tailored to your goals and needs. Let us help you secure your financial future and ensure you never outlive your savings.

Our approach to guaranteed income planning is built upon these fundamental principles:

Protect & Grow Your Savings Predicatably

Consider the Most Highly Backed Options, Guaranteed and Backed by A-Rated Companies

Create an Income Stream for as Long as You Live

Prevent Inflation from Taking a Big Bite Out of Your Assets

Participate in Market Gains without the Risk of Downturns

Financial Retirement Realities:

  • With modern medicine, you’re going to live longer.
  • Due to inflation, things will certainly get more expensive
  • You can’t afford nearly as much risk as you used to be able to.
  • Let’s be honest… you are not going to spend less in retirement.
  • You’re retired, which means no more paychecks every other week.
  • You’ll live with the decisions you make today for the rest of your life.

Guaranteed Income Planning Starts with these Questions:

Income Sources

Do you have other sources of income like a pension or social security?


Do you want to leave something for your family when you’re gone?


How soon after retirement will you need to start receiving income?


Are you expecting an inheritance at some point in the future?

Work Plans

Are you done working, or are you only partially retiring?


How much income will you need on an annual basis?

Risk Tolerance

What level of risk are you comfortable with when it comes to your investment strategy?

Other Savings

Do you have savings tucked away anywhere else?

Guaranteed Income in Retirement


Retirees often seek guaranteed income solutions to ensure financial stability throughout retirement. With guaranteed income sources like annuities, retirees can rely on regular payments that provide peace of mind and protect against market volatility.

Annuities offer a reliable source of income that continues for life, regardless of market fluctuations or longevity. By converting savings into annuity contracts, retirees can create a stream of guaranteed income to cover essential expenses and maintain their standard of living.

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Longevity risk, the possibility of outliving savings, underscores the importance of guaranteed income solutions. By providing lifetime payments, guaranteed income solutions protect against the financial consequences of living longer than expected, helping to ensuring financial security in retirement.


Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

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